On Wednesdays We Drink Pink...

Except today we aren't channelling our inner Regina George but the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw with her signature drink!

"I'd like a cheeseburger, large fries and a cosmopolitan"

Who doesn't love a cosmopolitan right? It's iconic cocktail which just so happens to make a frequent appearance in one of the greatest TV Show's - Sex & The City.

My love for this blush-pink cocktail began long before my love for gin and was my regular beverage choice whilst I binged my way through the entire box set of Sex & The City and both movies.

Movie 1 is so much better than Movie 2!

There was something uplifting about sipping a cosmo out of martini glass and in the world of alcoholic drinks i'ts truly The Little Black Dress of cocktails... effortless, elegant and stylish.

Imagine my surprise & satisfaction when on my birthday I received this...

Pink Cosmo Gin

YUP! GIN & COSMO COMBINED! & who would have thought it'd be so nice!

This fantastic bottle is part of the Firebox Creations Gin Liqueur range and this was a new discovery that I had not seen before!

The Taste is fantastic with its blend of tart cranberry, bittersweet orange, a splash of sour lime and balanced with a bold juniper flavour which is a staple botanical in any gin. It truly recreates a timeless classic cocktail in a gin liqueur blend which tastes sensational!

Carrie would approve!

After falling in love I decided I need to see what other fantastic creations the range includes and I was not disappointed ... I NEED THEM ALL!

The Gin Liqueurs also include;

Red Wine | Peach Bellini | Mint Mojito | Rose Wine | White Wine

Shop Here!

This weeks cocktail is not Pink but Red! It was too good not to share so I feel its OK to make an exception.

Bakewell Spritz

-50ml Cherry & Almond Gin Liqueur

-100ml Cherryade

-100ml Prosecco

-Red shimmer Powder

-Cherry's to Garnish

** Serve over Ice **


If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen I recently found got a new addition for the house and I couldn't be more in love.

My gin cabinet will always be my pride and joy but the bar cart opens up so many potentials and i'm constantly thinking of new displays and ideas to keep it fresh and stylish whilst displaying my weekly gin choices.

I am already super excited in planning my Christmas Day display... YES I SAID CHRISTMAS! I've already started Christmas shopping as I want to get it out of the way so I can enjoy the whole of December and really feel the festivity instead of rushing around trying to find last minute gifts.

When I first got my bar cart I spent ages wondering how I could make it super stylish and pristine, scrolling endlessly through Pinterest searching for inspiration to create this iconic display but then I realised that it needs to reflect me and be functional too as it will become a focal point and party station when I have friends and family over, so I decided to not compare it with picture perfect images on pinterest and just have FUN with it instead.

Pink Cosmo Gin -

Cherry & Almond Gin Liqueur -

Red Shimmer Powder -

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