Passion Berry Spritz

I never thought I would say this... but I miss spoons, especially the cocktail jugs and I'm probably not the only one!

So, today I started to think about the up coming summer months and although the bars and pubs will be reopening I'm sure you'll still find me chilling in the garden with a drink instead most of the time.

Both of these thoughts lead me to create a cocktail jug of my own which I cannot believe turned out so good! (so good that I drank the full thing myself .. then proceeded to write this blog post so excuse any typos)

You Will Need!

  • A Jug

  • Passion Fruit Gin (I used Bloom)

  • A Raspberry / berry Gin (I used Greenalls Wild Berry)

  • Plenty of Ice!

  • Pink Shimmer Powder (I use Enchanted Drinks)

  • Vimto Remix - Passion Fruit, Orange & Raspberry

  • Prosecco

  • Half Passion Fruit and a handful of Frozen Raspberries.


Start by adding plenty of ice to your jug, for mine I filled it to about a third.

Add in 50ml of Passion Fruit Gin, 50ml of your chosen Pink Gin.

Add in your pink shimmer, remember you can add more in later if needed so don't worry if you haven't added enough, this part if your own preference as to how sparkly you would like it!

Add in 200ml of chilled Prosecco and add your garnish, for this I used 1 half of a passion fruit and a handful of frozen raspberries!

Then fill to the top with Vimto Remix - Orange, Passionfruit and Raspberry.

Give it a good stir, watch the magic from the shimmer kick in and enjoy!

Shopping Links!

As some of you will know I'm an Amazon Affiliate which means I make a little bit of commission from purchases made on Amazon through my links. Below I've added the links to the two Gins used if you wish to purchase them.

BLOOM Gin Passion Fruit & Vanilla -

Greenall's Wild Berry Pink Gin -

Enchanted Drinks!

If you're in need of shimmer then make sure you go straight to Enchanted Drinks! who stock both shimmer powders and flavoured shimmer syrups which are perfect & a must have ready for those summer ready cocktails!



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