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On Wednesdays We Drink Pink!

Cliche right? It's just another excuse to drink in the middle of the week... Pink Gin, Pink Wine, Pink ANYTHING!

Oh, i'm not complaining! It's a trend that I am 100% onboard with and frequently post over on the gram.

In the words of Gretchen Wieners "That's so fetch!"

What?! Fetch is still not a thing? Well, drinking Pink on Wednesdays totally is! So here's my first Wednesday blog post of many, which will feature a new Pink drink EVERY WEEK!

It's time to grab the Burn Book, take notes and give Regina George a run for her money because 'On Wednesdays we drink PINK!'

PS, if you don't agree that this was one of the greatest movies EVER then i hate to say this but.... YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!

Pink Gin Spritz

- 50ml Pink Gin

- 50ml Prosecco

- 100ml Lemonade

- Squeeze of fresh Lemon Juice

- Enchanted Drinks Pink Shimmer

- Garnish - Lemon Wheel & Strawberry

A perfect spritz to enjoy all year!

Strawberry & Coconut

Gin Liqueur!

Produced by The Hand Made Gin Company this liqueur really taste like a holiday in a glass with its sweet tropical mix.

This gin is produced in small batches of less than 50 to make sure each bottle is packed with flavour and to the highest standard for the perfect serve with each and every pour!

The recommended serve for this gin is to mix with Lemonade or even top with Prosecco but I decided to try something a little different and mixed it with some Pink Berry Skinny Mixr. I found these great little cans in my local B&M and at £2 per case I knew they needed to come home with me!

BLOOM'in Lovely Premixed drink!

Finding a decent premixed gin drink can be tricky and some times lead to disappointment due to the lack of strength and flavour!

However, BLOOM Gin are in a league of their own with this deliciously smooth number.

So whether you are on the go, relaxing at home or simply need to BYO then make sure you have BLOOM chilled and at the ready!

"Our uniquely light and floral London Dry is perfectly mixed with rose lemonade to create a delicious alternative to the classic G&T."

Gin Pals!

One of my favourite photos this week is this amazing shot by @gin_meets_girl on Instagram, which she also posted on a Wednesday! (who ever started this trend needs a giant high five) - I'm not going to lie, I have some serious flatlay photo envy and I need that Burn Book!

Make sure you check out her post where you can find out about this intriguing Pink 47 Gin and what she thought about it!

I follow a lot of remarkable Gin accounts over on Instagram to help inspire both my future gin purchases but also my creativity for my future posts and Bev does just that! In the 5 months since her first post she has truly earned a "Ginfluencer" title with her insightful write ups and amazing photos!

Make sure you follow @gin_meets_girl on Instagram!


Bloom Gin - https://amzn.to/3iYIqJs

Strawberry & Coconut Gin Liqueur - https://bit.ly/3a3Qnu0

Gordons Pink Gin - https://bit.ly/329oZqG

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