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Updated: Mar 22

First, an introduction to this extraordinary small batch gin distiller located in one of the most

historically beautiful cities in the UK.

I think one of the best facts to start with is that this is York’s only distillery within the city limits and was created by a group on friends in a pub back in 2016 and now they now have 5 Gins available online and in store, each great tasting and individually as fantastic as the next.

The business is very eco-friendly from 100% green electricity to plenty of recycling and a van which runs through green energy (this is foot step in the right direction to protecting the earth and a step in the right direction for making this beautiful city Green, something we all should help towards)

“York Gin is created with vapour distillation - a very traditional method - ensuring a very consistent, balanced gin.”

So, now I’ve introduced you to this ambitious, award winning small business its time to move on and tell you about the start of my beautiful yet tasty relationship with York Gin.

Christmas 2019, we were lucky enough to be Gifted some York Gin but at the time I didn’t know just how much I would be infatuated by the taste and being quite new to the world of gin I hadn’t heard of them before. A few weeks later whilst on a cocktail adventure around York we decided to visit their quaint and picturesque store which is stood proud inside of the prodigious city walls, at this point I had started my Gin Instagram and figured this would be a great focal point for my page, especially being so local.

"When you support a small business, you are support a dream"

Stepping over the threshold my eyes lit up, looking around at all the mesmerising displays I was both infatuated but also a little disappointed that this was my first encounter! How had we not met sooner? I was swiftly greeted by a lovely member of staff (who’s name I cannot remember, my apologies if you ever read this!) who took me straight over to the tasting table and not only made me fall in love by taste but also by knowledge.

Each Gin I came to taste pampered my taste buds, creating a new passion and appreciation for the spirit. I was also talked through the concept, creation and perfect serve for each of the Gins which was insightful and informative and gave me a great introduction to this amazing small business.

So which did I prefer? OUTLAW of course, the stronger the better! And at 57% this Navy Strength gin is second to none! It’s double distilled, overproof and award-winning with a rare double Gold medal at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition! Why is it called Outlaw? Well as published on their website “It is inspired by York’s outlaws including Guy Fawkes, Dick Turpin and ‘Yorkshire Witch’, Mary Bateman”

It’s daring and dry with a seamlessly smooth finish and my perfect serve is;

50ml Gin | 100ml Tonic ( I usually use Fever Tree or London Essence Co) | Plenty Of Ice | Garnish: Peppercorns & Lemon Twist

Botanicals: juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, cardamom, cinnamon bark, dried lemon peel, orris root, black pepper and grains of paradise.

I was also very partial to Roman Fruit. This Mouth watering gin is a treat for your palate and one which you will want to enjoy time and time again and this is one of my top 5 gins for the summer! It’s a juniper-led dry gin which as been infused with a number of fruits and flowers which relate to Ancient Rome, hence the name! These fruits and flowers include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples and hibiscus.

Not only do they manage to distill amazing gin but they also create such creative names, recipes and stories to truly link their amazing gins to the great city in which they are distilled, York! Again, this is an award winning Gin with a star at the Great Taste Awards 2019! My Serve: 50ml Gin | 100ml Mediterranean tonic (as recommended) | Plenty of ice | Garnish, Raspberries and sliced apple fan

‘Veni, vidi, bibi’- ‘I came, I saw, I drank.’

And there you have it, my blossoming love story for York Gin but don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself with their Tasting Pack containing all 5 gins for just £30.00.

If every you fancy exploring the wonderful city of York and seeing the incredible sights and landmarks then make sure York Gin is on your list.

York Gin

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