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Let's face it, having "Home Bars" and drinking at home is something we are pretty much used to by now but are we doing it in style? - After this third lockdown there is no saying how long it will be until Bars & Restaurants can swing open their doors fully for us all to go "out" out, if you get me! and many people may not even want to for a long time, I mean who can blame them!

Let me tell you, my beverage collection during these lockdowns is going up quicker than Regina George's weight when she went on Kälteen Bars **Little Means Girls reference there for anybody confused** but not just my spirits and mixers, my glassware too! Let's face it, if we are going to spend Happy Hour at home, we need to do it in style!

So, whilst scrolling through the web and trying to stop myself from clicking for yet another Amazon delivery I decided to make a blog post dedicated to some of my favourite "Home Bars" that can be bought online to help inspire those who are considering investing in either a Drinks Cabinet or Bar Cart!

The first thing you need to consider is Room, Space, Theme!

Once you know the above finding the perfect one online will be easy with more and more businesses jumping on the trend and widening the range of what's available! Remember to add your own stamp and bring your vision to life but lets talk about the benefits of both a Bar Cart & Drinks Cabinet.

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook you'll know how much I love my bar cart and how often I like to switch up the design which for me was on the key benefits but I love that it's moveable but I can also pack it away under the stairs when not in use or needed! Bar Carts are great for showing off because of the open space so if you want to proudly show off your Spirits and glassware then it's ideal but I personally don't like it when it comes to storage as I LOVE everything to be packed away, the more you have out means the more cleaning / dusting needs to be done. This is where I love having my bar cart as hidden behind those doors you'll find over 35 different gins along with wines and other spirits!

Now let's get down to business and check out some of the most fabulous home bar solutions I have found! Please note I do not own the rights to the photos used, they have come direct from the businesses websites

Lets Talk Teal!

Novak - MADE.COM £399.00 |

This eye catching piece that I found on MADE just screams to me! The colour, the design .. EVERYTHING! Is it bad that I really wish to redecorate our living room just to make room for this magnificent beauty? - Don't get me wrong, I ADORE my rustic bar cart as pictured above but I think I would part with it for this stunning piece!

Go For Gold

Gold Oval Bar Cart - Melody Maison £179.95 |

Gold really is a great colour to add to the home for an eye catching look of Luxe and opulence and I know my bar cart really makes a statement when I have it on display! This Oval one is from my place of work and I have loved it since I first came across it. It's the perfect size for creating a display like I do or if you just wish to have plenty of space to show off your bottles and glassware in a more fixed place.

Ready for some Rustic Inspo?

Natural Wooden Telephone Box Drinks Cabinet - Homes Direct 365 £439.99 |

This is so quintessentially British! and I could not be any more in love! I adore rustic interiors and this timeless classic is bound to become the focal point in your home and is the perfect addition to any farmhouse, country cottage or rustic home with rustic interiors showcasing the beauty of natural materials.

Glam On A Budget

Deco Glam Drinks Trolley - B&M £40.00 |

If you're worried that adding a Bar Cart to your home is going to be costly then think again! With more and more businesses jumping on the popular trend it's no wonder that two of our favourite high street bargain shops (B&M & Home Bargains) have also released their own and this one from B&M is only £40.00! So if you want to add a look of luxe on a budget then this is the perfect one for you!

We Love Scandi Styling

Madison Bar Cabinet - Wayfair £175.99 |

This is one for those who love Scandi style interiors with their minimalistic meets modern design. This drinks cabinet from Wayfair caught my straight away and is a stylish way to bring some extra storage to your home and as you can see from the images above its the perfect home bar!

Get Summer Ready

Timber Bar - The Garden Bar Co £249.00 |

During the 1st lock down I came across this fabulous Yorkshire Business which made this simply amazing Timber Bars which can be used outdoors or indoors, they are also a blank canvas allowing you to paint it which ever colour suits!

So as you start to get your garden ready for summer be sure to add this essential piece for when we are allowed to socialise outdoors again!

Pièce de Résistance

Bolton Bar - LuxDeco £1505 |

I personally feel I have saved the best until last with this one! This luxurious Green Velvet Bar would be approved by J.Gatsby himself and it exudes a true feeling of glamour and opulence with its Art Deco design. You can truly create your own Speakeasy at home whilst enjoying a cocktail or two with your friends (post lockdown and socially distanced obviously)

~ Found On The Gram ~

Since we are on the subject of home bars I thought I would share 3 that I love from accounts I follow on Instagram!

If you like them too, be sure to head on over and show them some Insta Love!

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