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Updated: Mar 22

I recently discovered through the almighty powers of social media one of the greatest and most imaginative small businesses around, it was love at first sight and taste. The Blind Librarian offer a service which is both exciting and somewhat mysterious which makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.

So how does it work? - Each week a new menu is sent through WhatsApp and the well thought out detailing and messages that goes into this is fantastic to keep in line with the whole "secret" set up.

"This week we've managed to smuggle these cocktails, ssh!" & "A note from the Bookkeeper as we enter the 8th week of The Secret Cocktail Club"

The variety of weekly cocktails offered is outstanding with a menu you would expect to see in bars rather than a delivery / collection service meaning that what ever your preferred poison is, you are bound to find one that catches your eye. THEY EVEN HAVE OVER 50 GINS!

The Collection - Once I had messaged with my order and confirmed a collection slot, the excitement grew until it was time to set off!

I pulled up on the main road in Bawtry, in the location advised and eagerly kept looking around to spot my goodies! (I found not actually having an address to go to really increased the suspense and mystery of the interaction)

And then they arrived, from down one of the quaint side streets! Cocktails, Garnish and a cute paper bag of popcorn!

My Porn star Martini being served inside of an old styled medicine bottle has to be hands down one of the most creative ways to serve a cocktail.

So, Hats off to The Blind Librarian for providing a fantastic, creative and unique service for people local to Doncaster and Bawtry to enjoy during these strange times and not to mention very reasonably priced!

Do you fancy taking a trip behind the bookcase to see what the smugglers have on offer?

The Blind Librarian - Check them out on Instagram!

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