One of my favourite finds since starting my Gin Journey has to be Enchanted Drinks and if you haven't heard of them before, then let me introduce you.

So who are they?! Other than one of my favourite small businesses... Enchanted Drinks offer a variety or products to help transform your beverage, whether cocktails, gin or even soft drinks. Their main items being Shimmer Powders & Flavoured Shimmer Syrups but its doesn't end there.

If it doesn't shimmer and sparkle is it even worth drinking?! Personally, I don't often pour a G&T without a sprinkling of Shimmer Powder to give it a magical and enchanting finish.

"Wait, has Tinkerbell been near my drink?"

When I received my very first shimmer powder I was deceived by the size of the bottle and was later impressed to find out how far a little goes, with each pot containing over 25 servings! Great things really do come in small packages!

It was the start of a beautiful relationship and led me to question how I had ever lived without it, after all, this shimmering powder makes my drinks sparkle just as much as I do!

It's time to get creative and let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities that Enchanted Drinks offer to allow you to truly revolutionise the way you serve your drink of choice.

You can also find on their website many other items such as concentrated flavour drops and magical colour changing potion!

The colour Pink makes everything look pretty!

Why not try a Pink Spritz?

  • 50ml Pink Gin

  • 50ml Prosecco

  • 100ml Lemonade

  • Squeeze of Lemon Juice

  • a pea size amount of Pink shimmer

  • Garnish with Strawberries and fresh Lemon

Good Vibes Only This Summer!

I'm sure we can all agree that these past few months have not been the best and although we are far from getting back to normal, at least we can look forward to the possibility of some social distancing get-togethers with loved ones in the garden this summer!

So, it's time to make sure your home bar is fully stocked up with enough shimmer to add a little magic into everybody's glass and watch it sparkle in the sun.

A few of my favourite things!

Glitter Pink Shimmer Powder - £6.99

Bubblegum Shimmer Syrup - £5.99

Rhubarb Flavour Drops - £3.99

Watermelon Gummies - £2.99

The Ultimate Party Pack - £49.99

Practically Perfect Presents!

I'm sure i'm not the only one that's a last minute present buyer and I now have the perfect solution! If this wasn't already the most magical and perfect website, it's certainly just scored extra brownie points with its selection of gorgeous gifts which range in price and start from as little as £9.99! Gin, Cocktails, Prosecco - the list is endless with multiple combinations to help create the recipients ideal gift! (You can also add a personalised note)

I sent one of these to my little cousin as a treat and she absolutely loved it!

So, if at this stage I haven't completely sold Enchanted Drinks to you, then you need to hit the link below and have a browse of their website and see for yourself the amazing products on offer!

Fancy a Discount? - OF COURSE YOU DO! Use code "beginspired10" at checkout!

Skittles may taste the rainbow BUT With Enchanted Drinks Shimmer Powders You Can Create a Rainbow!

Enchanted Drinks

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